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Mexico Airports

6 December 2021
Mexico: Nogales(Nogales International Airport ) Monterrey(Monterrey Airport ) Mexico(Mexico-Benito Juarez Airport) Merida(Merida - Licenciado Manuel Crecencio Rejon Intl Airport ) Mazatlan(Mazatlan - General Rafael Buelna International Airport) Matamoros(Matamoros - General Servando Canales International Airport) La Paz(La Paz-Manuel de Leon Airport ) Guadalajara(Guadalajarra-Don Miguel Hidalgo Airport ) Colima(Colima Airport ) Cancun(Cancun Intl Airport) Acapulco(Acapulco Airport ) (Guadalajarra Don Miguel Hidalgo Airport ) (Mexico Benito Juarez Airport )

Airport (Mexico Benito Juarez Airport )

tel: +52 (01 )55 55 71 30 07, +52 (01) 55 35 71 32 30

Mexico City 10km

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Airport Acapulco (Acapulco Airport )

Acapulco, a full name - Acapulco de Juarez - a port city and a tourist center on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Guerrero. Is the administrative center of the municipality. Located 300 kilometers southwest of Mexico City. Acapulco - one of the oldest and most popular seaside resorts in Mexico. It attracts millions of tourists paradise climate, white sand beaches, fantastic nightlife and the fabulous bay (bay Acapulco refers to the four most beautiful bays of the world.) In Acapulco has an airport, shopping center, yacht club. The modern highway connects the resort with Mexico. International Airport General Juan N. Alvarez - commercial civilian airport, located 26 kilometers south-east of the city of Acapulco. Acapulco is a list of the fifteen most important airports in Mexico and the transit of domestic and international passengers in the south Pacific coast. The main passenger airport are flying to Mexico City, as well as routes to the cities of the United States and Canada.

tel: +52 (01) 748 66 93 23, +52 (01) 748 66 93 25

Airport (Guadalajarra Don Miguel Hidalgo Airport )

tel: +52 (01) 36 89 02 84, +52 (01) 36 89 14 62, +52 (01) 36 88 53 82

Guadalajara 10km

Airport Cancun (Cancun Intl Airport)

Cancun - largest resort city in Mexico, Yucatan, Quintana Roo, dministrativny center of the municipality of Benito Juarez. Cancun - the most visited place in the Caribbean, famous for wonderful beaches and spectacular Mayan ruins. Water is warm and crystal clear, the average temperature 26-28 degrees all year. Here is the biggest and most beautiful colony of sea reefs. A Black Reef, opened 20 years ago, Jacques Cousteau, collects divers from around the world. Cancun is now one of the most important centers of international tourism. The city has an international airport, which is the second in the country in terms of passenger traffic. The airport has three terminals. Terminal 1 is used by charter airlines from Mexico and North America. Terminal 2 serves some international destinations, and almost all flights within the country. Terminal 3 is used for almost all international flights in North America and Europe. In total, three terminals include 47 gates (gates).

Tel: +52 (01)998 848-72-00, Fax: +52 (01)998 848-72-07

Airport Colima (Colima Airport )

Colima - a town in the municipality of Colima in Mexico, the capital of Colima. The population of 137 thousand people, with suburbs over 240 thousand people. 37 km north of the city of Colima Volcano is located. The most active volcano in Mexico, call it Mexican Vesuvius. Roads and railways connected the city of Colima with cities in central Mexico and the Pacific coast. At 22 km from the city airport of local airlines Miguel de la Madrid. Colima runway has a length of 1447 m to the nearest international airport in the city of Manzanillo.

Tel: +52 (01)331 4-41-57, +52 (01)331 4-41-60, +52 (01)331 4-43-77, Fax: +52 (01)331 4-21-90

Airport Guadalajara (Guadalajarra-Don Miguel Hidalgo Airport )

Guadalajara - a city in Mexico. The administrative center of the state of Jalisco, the second-largest city and the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. Located in the Western Pacific Region, the city known as the Pearl of the West and the City of Roses. Guadalajara is known buildings of Spanish Colonial architecture XVI-XVIII centuries, in particular baroque churches. In Guadalajara, there are: the main arena in Mexico charready called "Lenso Charro", museum staff, museum-workshop of artist Jose Clemente Orozco. In the city of breathtaking nightlife, good places for food and accommodation. International Airport and Don Miguel Hidalgo Castillo - a civilian airport, located 17 km from the center of Guadalajara, Mexico. The main directions of the airport - the city of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. The port has two runways and four passenger terminals, which allows for more than 40 takeoffs / landings of aircraft per hour.

Tel: +52 (01)36 89-02-84, +52 (01)36 89-14-62, +52 (01)36 88-53-82, Fax: +52 (01)36 88-50-01

Airport La Paz (La Paz-Manuel de Leon Airport )

La Paz (Spanish: La Paz) - Mexico City, the capital of Baja California Sur, is located in the south of the peninsula, on the bank of the Gulf of California, a large bay with a great beach. Along the coast stretches 5 km boulevard with many hotels and restaurants. Today, La Paz is popular as one of the best places in the world for sport fishing. Nearby islands are popular with divers because of the abundance reefs, caves and wrecks, wrecked. The city transportation infrastructure. City International Airport serves Manuel Marquez de Leon. Airport operates regular flights to major airports in Mexico and the United States (City of Los Angeles).

Tel: +52 (01)2-29-59, +52 (01)2-14-87

Airport Matamoros (Matamoros - General Servando Canales International Airport)

Matamoros (Spanish Matamoros) - a town in the municipality of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Situated on the right bank of the Rio Grande River, near the mouth of the river, on the border with the U.S.. Opposite the town, on the left bank of the river is the city of Brownsville, Texas, USA. The land on which the city is located, was once inhabited koaviltekami, but they were almost completely destroyed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Matamoros airport is located in Matamoros. Matamoros runway has a length of 2300 m Airport operates regular flights to the main airports of Mexico as well as international flights.

Tel: +52 (01)88 12-26-17, +52 (01)88 12-00-01, +52 (01)88 12-39-99, Fax: +52 (01)88 12-24-57, +52 (01)88 12-02-14

Airport Mazatlan (Mazatlan - General Rafael Buelna International Airport)

Mazatlan - an ancient Mexican city located in the west of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa. The city is one of the important ports of the Pacific coast. The city is also called the Pearl of the Pacific because of its pleasant climate, great beaches, interesting underwater world and the historical sights of the old part of town. Beach of the length of 17 km includes the famous beaches of Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas and Playa Venados. Also vbilizi of them are modern hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and souvenir shops. It attracts surfers and divers. Old Mazatlan first is famous for its Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The city is one of the largest aquariums in Mexico. City International Airport serves Gral Rafael Buelna. The airport is located 27 kilometers south-east of the resort town. Here is landing flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Houston, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Tel: +52 (01)678 82-20-88, +52 (01)678 82-23-99

Airport Merida (Merida - Licenciado Manuel Crecencio Rejon Intl Airport )

Merida - a city in southern Mexico, the capital of Yucatan. It is an ancient city with tradition where there is architecture of Spanish colonists and Europeans. In the modern city close to many luxury hotels, shops and restaurants can be seen and architectural landmarks in the Spanish colonial style. Every Sunday, the city is transformed into a colorful open air festival. In Merida near the Palace of the Government is the best carnival in the old traditions of the Maya. Merida airport is 10 km from the center of the Plaza Grande, the main square of the city. International Airport of Merida Manuel Crescencio-Rehon take direct flights from Mexico City, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas and some European cities.

Tel: +52 (01)55 55-71-63-96, +52 (01)55 37-26-04-33, Fax: +52 (01)55 57-62-59-51

Airport Mexico (Mexico-Benito Juarez Airport)

Mexico City - Federal District and the capital of Mexico, political, economic, industrial and cultural center of the state, one of the most important financial centers in North America. It is located on a high plateau in the center of Mexico. Mexico City is surrounded on all sides by mountains. The city has many monuments and unique buildings. On the territory of Mexico also has 10 archaeological parks. Among the attractions of Mexico - Aztec pyramid (XIV c.), The National Cathedral (1563-1667 gg.), The hospital building Jesus Nazario (XVI c.), Municipal Palace (1720), the National Palace (1792), in which now are the presidential residence and parliament, the chapel Sagrario Metropolitano (XVIII c.). Great historical value represents a number of monasteries built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. City International Airport serves the Benito Juarez. International Airport Benito Juarez is located 10 miles east of downtown Mexico City, is the main airport of the country both in the domestic and on international flights. Benito Juarez was used as the main hub for the airline Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect and SkyTeam.

Tel: +52 (01)55 55-71-30-07, +52 (01)55 35-71-32-30, Fax: +52 (01)55 57-84-88-02

Airport Monterrey (Monterrey Airport )

Monterrey - the capital of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. Monterrey is located in the northeast of Mexico, surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Madre. This is a major shopping, commercial and educational center of Mexico. Monterrey is one of the most interesting tourist destinations. Modern and well-planned, a town full of cultural offerings, is inhabited by a very hospitable people, and located near the mountains, canyons and deserts. City has to offer quality restaurants, modern shopping centers, numerous museums. Marco Plaza - the center of the city and the most attractive place in Monterrey, and Faro del Comercio - the highest monument in Mexico. In addition to the area is worth visiting the old quarter of Monterrey, called Pink Zone. The city is also an important transportation center of Mexico. International Airport General Mariano Escobedo is located in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and handles passenger flights from the city of Monterrey and surrounding towns. Airport is one of the most modern airports in North America, and is open daily for about 300 flights to more than 35 destinations in Mexico, North America and Europe.

Tel: +52 (01)83 45-44-34, +52 (01)83 45-61-05, +52 (01)83 69-07-52, Fax: +52 (01)83 69-08-91

Airport Nogales (Nogales International Airport )

Nogales (Spanish Nogales) - a town and municipality in Mexico, is in the state of Sonora, located near the US-meksikanskoy border. Population of 290,759 people. Sonora - state in northern Mexico, near the U.S. state of Arizona. Proximity to the U.S., attracts a large number of American tourists. They are attracted by good beaches and some interesting hiking trails. International Airport serves the city of Nogales. Airport serves domestic and international flights to the city of Nogales and Sonora.

Tel: +52 (01)631 4-01-65, +52 (01)631 4-10-96, Fax: +52 (01)631 4-09-00

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