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Germany Airports

25 October 2021
Germany: Munich(Munich International Airport) Leipzig(Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP)) Kassel(Kassel Airport ) Hanover(Hannover International Airport) Hamburg(Hamburg International Airport) Frankfurt(Frankfurt Airport ) Essen(Essen/Mulheim Airport ) Duesseldorf(Dusseldorf International Airport) Dresden(Dresden International Airport) Dortmund(Dortmund - Wickede Airport) Berlin(Berlin - Schonefeld Airport ) Altenburg(Altenburg Nobitz Airport) Berlin-Brandenburg(Berlin Brandenburg International Airport)

Airport Munich (Munich International Airport)

Munich - the capital of Bavaria, the third largest and second most visited tourist city after Berlin, Germany. He is also a major financial, industrial and cultural center. This is one of the most comfortable and hospitable cities in Germany. Munich is famous for its brewing tradition. It is held annually world-famous Oktoberfest - Beer Festival. Munich - a city of museums, many of which were created over the centuries. Alte Pinakothek - the most visited museum in Munich, are stored here 9000 pictures of 1400 artists. Munich International Airport is one of the major European hubs, second, the number of passengers served, the airport in Germany. The capacity of the Munich airport for the two existing runways is 50 million passengers a year, or 90 takeoffs / landings per hour. The airport is located 28 km north-east of the city in close proximity to the town of Freising.

Munich Airport Site

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Airport Hanover (Hannover International Airport)

Hanover - the capital of Lower Saxony, the city is situated on the banks of a small river Lein. Hanover - the largest exhibition city in Germany, the economic and industrial center, one of the musical capitals of northern Europe, the city of World Expo 2000. On Hanover is very convenient to walk from the main station on the sidewalks of the city is the so-called "red thread" - a pointer to tourists, the route, which covers a total of 36 tourist attractions. Airport Hannover-Langenhagen - Hanover International Airport, located 11 km away (Langenhagen district). Is the ninth largest in Germany and second in line to Eastern Europe after the airport in Frankfurt am Main.

Hannover Airport Site

Airport Hamburg (Hamburg International Airport)

The port city of Hamburg is the second largest and one of the most popular in Germany. Hamburg - a beautiful city with great parks and impressive buildings and major cultural institutions. It is a city of contrasts. A trip around the Alster lake (Alster) at the center of the city shows the magnificence of its finest parks and buildings. Walk along one of Hamburg's many canals explains why this city was called "the Venice of the North". Among the buildings of the modern city of steel and glass is an old church of St. Michael, built in Baroque style. Hamburg International Airport - International Airport in Germany, one of the five largest in the country, located near Hamburg. The airport has two terminals. Located 8 km north of the center of Hamburg

Hamburg Airport Site

Airport Duesseldorf (Dusseldorf International Airport)

Duesseldorf - the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the west, on both banks of the Rhine. Contemporary Dusseldorf - a large commercial and industrial center, filled offices and banks. However, the preserved old town with its market, the Gothic Town Hall and a few old buildings and churches. Here is the Fine Arts Academy of Dusseldorf, Germany's only museum of ceramics of all ages and cultures, the Institute of the Heinrich Heine and the Cinema Museum. Dusseldorf International Airport - the third largest airport in Germany. Flights are in all major cities of the world's best resorts and several times a day.

Dusseldorf Airport Site

Airport Dresden (Dresden International Airport)

Dresden - the capital of Saxony, is situated on the River Elbe, 20 km from the border with the Czech Republic. The name Dresden is associated with the Dresden Art Gallery. There is the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael, Rembrandt's rich collection of paintings, Italian, Dutch, small ... Also in Dresden is a great collection of porcelain (Porcelain Museum), old instruments (Physics and Mathematics salon), weapons and armor (Armory), cabinet of curiosities and museum treasures. Dresden Old Town is small in size, but to get around all the sights, take a few days. Dresden Airport formerly known under the name Airport Dresden-Tufts - International Airport, located in Kloche, the district of Dresden, 9 miles north of downtown.

Dresden Airport Site

Airport Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin Brandenburg International Airport)

The international airport of Berlin-Brandenburg - Berlin airport under construction, is located near the southern border town in the commune Schonefeld in Brandenburg. The new airport will take part of the current airport Shenefeld.Novy airport Berlin-Brandenburg Transport is preparing to become the gateway to the East from November 1, 2011 In a 6-storey building between the north and south runways will be not only the registration and control of passengers and baggage . Also houses the 150 retail and catering. In order to fast cargo handling at the airport is scheduled between the two runways and also the cargo terminal

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Site

Airport Altenburg (Altenburg Nobitz Airport)

Altenburg - a town in Thuringia (Germany), 45 km south of Leipzig. Among the architectural monuments of the city - plaza with Renaissance Town Hall (1562-1564), the ducal castle (XI-XVII century), Church of St.. Agnes and St. Bartholomew. Altenburg has long been known for its production of playing cards, which is dedicated to the museum. There is also a museum with a significant Lindenau collection of works by Italian artists, the Brewery Museum, the Botanical Gardens. The international airport Leipzig-Altenburg - Germany International Airport, located 6 km southeast of Altenburg and 42 km south of Leipzig.Between airport and city center in Leipzig runs a transfer bus. Aeroport Leipzig has one passenger terminal.

Altenburg Nobitz Airport Site

Airport Berlin (Berlin - Schonefeld Airport )

Berlin - the capital of Germany, the largest and most populous city in Germany. Berlin is one of 16 federal lands that make up the Federal Republic of Germany, and is located in the eastern part of Germany. Berlin today is incredibly multifaceted: ultramodern buildings and quiet parks, club parties and festivals of classical music, gourmet restaurants and outdoor eatery. Berlin is known for its many architectural monuments, theaters and variety sites, lots of museums. In Berlin, there are three airports. Tegel is responsible primarily for flights from cities in Western Europe (including Russia). Schonefeld produces international flights to Eastern Europe (including Russia), Asia, Africa, USA, South and Latin America. └irport Tempelhof is central, it is much less than their neighbors and is located in the southern district of Kreuzberg in Berlin. Airport is responsible primarily for domestic flights. Local airlines connect Berlin with all major German airports. Before any of the three airports of Berlin can be reached by train or bus

Berlin - Schonefeld Airport

Airport Dortmund (Dortmund - Wickede Airport)

Dortmund - a town in western Germany, is a part of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is interesting medieval castles and ancient churches, Westphalia Park, famous for its rose garden, a museum of brewing and the art museum Ostvalmuzeum. Dortmund - a major transport hub of Germany. Here intersect major rail lines and highways. Airport Dortmund - civilian airport in the eastern town of Dortmund. The main activities are the regular tourist and business passenger traffic.

Dortmund - Wickede Airport

Airport Essen (Essen/Mulheim Airport )

Essen - a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. Now Essen - the largest exhibition center and one of the few places in Germany, where it is "big business". In the center of Essen, A Gothic Cathedral which houses the main shrine of the cathedral - the "Golden Madonna" - a statue of the Virgin Mary with Child, made of gold leaf. Business Card Essen - pedestrian street Kettviger Strasse, which leads from the main station to the cathedral. In the south-west of Essen is a Essen complex of museums. Airport Essen (Essen Mulheim Airport) - small eroport is located 2km from the city of Essen.

Essen/Mulheim Airport

Airport Frankfurt (Frankfurt Airport )

Frankfurt-old city, located on both banks of the River Main, is the largest transportation and financial center of Europe. Its skyscrapers are a symbol of the rich and self-confident Germany. The main part of the old town with its cathedral, the church Paulskirche, the Old Opera House and the area Remerplatts on the shores of Maine. Frankfurt - a big cultural center. There is a good theaters and art galleries, numerous museums. The international airport Frankfurt-am-Main (also known as the Rhine-Mainskaya Airport) - the largest in the country's third-largest passenger numbers in Europe and the ninth - in the world. Also holds a leading position on the number of freight in Europe. The airport has two passenger terminal.

Frankfurt Airport,

Airport Kassel (Kassel Airport )

Kassel (German Kassel) - a city in Germany in Hesse, the river Fulda. The population of 200 thousand people. Kassel is also called city-tale, The Tale of Germany as well as a small Munich. The city has many monuments. Beautiful parks, world-famous art treasures and historical monuments and cultural institutions draw millions of visitors each year. Located in the heart of Kassel in Germany, you can quickly and easily get high-speed train on a highway or an airplane. Airport Kassel-civilian airport, located 16.7 km to the north-west of the German city of Kassel. Has one terminal.

Kassel Airport

Airport Leipzig (Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP))

Leipzig - the largest city of Saxony in Germany. Leipzig is known for its university and the annual international fair, fur auction. As well as museums: Museum of Fine Arts, ethnographic, artistic crafts, the town's history, the German Museum of Books and Writing. Interest to tourists are the Old Town Hall, the Gothic Church of St. Thomas, Supreme Court Building and City trading house, a monument to the Battle of people whose height is 91 meters. To the west is the famous Leipzig zoo, museum-house of Schiller. Airport Leipzig / Halle is located near the cities of Halle and Leipzig, and refers to medium-sized airports. Airport Leipzig / Halle - a popular destination for weekend tours. Low cost airlines use this airport for domestic, international and transcontinental flights.

Leipzig/Halle Airport

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