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Canada Airports

25 October 2021
Canada: Winnipeg (Winnipeg Airport ) Windsor(Windsor Airport ) St. John(Saint John Airport) Saguenay(Saguenay airport) Quebec(Quebec airport) Ottawa(Ottawa Intl Airport) Montreal(Montreal International Airport - Dorval) Kingston(Kingston (Norman Rogers) Airport ) Kelowna(City of Kelowna Airport) Hamilton(Hamilton International Airport ) Halifax(Halifax International Airport ) Edmonton(Edmonton City Centre ) Dryden(Dryden Airport ) Charlottetown(Charlottetown Airport ) Calgary(Calgary International Airport) Abbotsford(Abbotsford International Airport)

Airport Quebec (Quebec airport)

Quebec - city and port in Canada, the capital of French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. City - is the living heart of French Canada, thanks to its entirely European appearance and atmosphere of the French. The city, founded in 1608, is one of the oldest cities in Canada, known for its historic quarter, a large number of museums and cultural institutions. One of the main attractions is the Castle Frontenac (Chateau Frontenac) - hotel, built in the late XIX century in the style of the late Middle Ages. Jean Lesage International Airport serves the city, it is located 11 kilometers southwest of Quebec City. At the airport Jean Lesage Yeni work for more than ten airlines more than three regular weekly flights to airports in North America, South America and Europe.

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Airport Saguenay (Saguenay airport)

Saguenay - a town in the province of Quebec, Canada. Located in the Saguenay River valley, 200 km north-west of the capital city of the province of Quebec. Saguenay was founded in 2001 by an administrative consolidation and merger of several settlements. Divided into three large districts (former city): Shikutimi, Jonquieres, La Baie and the smaller suburbs. The city has a University of Quebec Shikutimi. The city is the Saguenay-Bagotvayl airport. Airport mainly serves domestic flights in the region of Quebec and tourist charter flights. Also here is one of the bases of the Air Force in Canada.

Saguenay airport webpage

Airport Winnipeg (Winnipeg Airport )

Winnipeg - a popular and one of the most visited cities in Canada, the capital of the province of Manitoba, which is located almost at the geographic center of North America, at the confluence of Red River and Assiniboine River. Commercial center of the Canadian Northwest. Very well developed infrastructure of the city, there are plenty of activities and attractions, such as not every city in the world can boast of such parks as Assiniboine Park Zoo with his or Kildonan Park, where there are the most beautiful trees in Canada. International Airport Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson's name - one of the few airports around the clock working in Canada. Airport serves a large number of passenger and cargo flights. Currently under construction, the new terminal, parking and a hotel.

Winnipeg Airport Site

Airport Abbotsford (Abbotsford International Airport)

Abbotsford - City in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Located in the Fraser Valley and adjacent to Metro Vancouver. It is the largest in area and the fifth most populous municipality in British Columbia, with a population of 123,864 people. The city is the University of Fraser Valley and the international airport, which hosts international air show.

Abbotsford International Airport

Airport Calgary (Calgary International Airport)

Calgary - the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, located in the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of more than one kilometer above sea level. Calgary - a modern city with gleaming skyscrapers, green parks and numerous sports facilities and numerous cultural institutions. In Calgary, worth a visit Glenbow Museum Art Gallery with an extensive collection of weapons, Olympic Park, Heritage Park Zoo (the largest in Canada) and a symbol of the city - Tower Calgary Tower. Around the city are concentrated many winter resorts. Calgary - a transportation hub between Central and Western Canada. Calgary International Airport in the north-east of the city is the third in Canada for the movement of aircraft, and, moreover, is a major center of transportation. Non-stop flights from here are sent to various cities in Canada, the USA, Europe, Central America and Asia.

Tel: +1 (1)403 735-1200, Fax: +1 (1)403 735-1281

Airport Charlottetown (Charlottetown Airport )

Charlottetown - the capital and largest city of the smallest Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. It is located in the center of the southern coast of the island on the shores of the harbor. The major architectural landmarks of the city are building Province, where is the legislature, and the Center for the Arts. Charlottetown Airport is a small airport, located 5.6 km north of Charlottetown. From here flights to Canadian cities as well as in New York.

Tel: +1 (1)902 566-7997, Fax: +1 (1)902 566-7929

Airport Dryden (Dryden Airport )

Dryden - a city in northwestern Ontario, Canada. The city is located in the district of Kenora. To the east of the city begins Aaron Provincial Park on Lake Thunder. Dryden is small and cozy town with a strong network of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. The city is famous for its parks, unrivaled beauty of boreal forests and freshwater lakes. Dryden Airport is located 8 km north-east of Dryden. This is a small airport serving domestic flights Ontario.

Tel: +1 (1)807 937-4959, Fax: +1 (1)807 937-6042

Airport Edmonton (Edmonton City Centre )

Edmonton - the capital of the province of Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is located almost in the heart of the province, on the North Saskatchewan River, near the majestic Rocky Mountains. Famous for the largest system in Canada, the city parks in the picturesque valley of the river. Edmonton, known as one of Canada's largest shopping centers, so the whole "travel life" revolves around the area of the West Edmonton Mall-Mel, which includes 800 shops, 27 cinemas, 3 theaters, 110 restaurants, casinos, hotels, nightclubs, amusement park, water park , the park is underwater adventure, an ice rink and facilities for playing golf. Edmonton International Airport, airport in Canada, located in the Leduc area, 26 km south of Edmonton. This is one of the largest airports in Canada's total land area, passenger and cargo air transportation.

Edmonton City Centre webpage

Airport Halifax (Halifax International Airport )

Halifax, a city in Canada, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, a port on the Atlantic coast, 359 thousand inhabitants. Founded in 1749, Halifax has a long history as a bastion of Britain in the New World. Halifax - a popular tourist destination, famous for its historical sites, architecture and natural landscape. Known as the "City of Trees", Halifax is famous for its abundance of cozy, picturesque parks. It can also be called the "City of music and culture." Airport Halifax Stanfield (Halifax Stanfield International Airport) - the main international airport of the province of Nova Scotia. located 42 km north of Halifax. This is the seventh busiest airport in Canada, recognized as one of the best airports in North and South America.

Tel: (President & CEO) +1 (1)902 873-4422, Fax: +1 (1)902 873-4750

Airport Hamilton (Hamilton International Airport )

Hamilton - English city and port in Canada, Ontario, on Lake Ontario. Famous for its university McMaster. Major industrial and cultural center. The city became a tourist center in Ontario, thanks to many of its historic attractions. Not far from Hamilton is the most famous natural landmark of Canada - Niagara Falls. An important transportation hub. Hamilton International Airport / John S. Monroe - the second largest, after Pearson airport in Toronto. Located near the city of Hamilton (11 kilometers to the south, 65 kilometers from downtown Toronto). Compared with Pearson, Hamilton offers a cheaper service, which was the cause of the rapid growth of passenger traffic.

Tel: +1 (1)905 679-4151, Fax: +1 (1)905 679-2100

Airport Kelowna (City of Kelowna Airport)

Kelowna - a city in the far west of Canada, located in the province of British Kolumbiya.City - the largest settlement of the valley of Lake Okanagan. Kelowna is a spectacular view of the lake, mountains and parks. There is a wide range of bars, restaurants, night clubs and cultural institutions. Tourists this remote area lures thanks to the monster that supposedly lives in the lake, and about which there are many legends. Kelowna International Airport is located approximately 11 kilometers north-east of Kelowna on Highway 97. Performs regular flights to major airports in Canada, as well as seasonal charter flights to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Las Vegas.

Tel: +1 (1)250 765-5125, Fax: +1 (1)250 765-0213

Airport Kingston (Kingston (Norman Rogers) Airport )

Kingston - a town in southern Ontario, a port on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario at the source of the St. Lawrence River. The administrative center of Frontenac County. The main attraction is the city of Fort Henry. Every day is held views, acquainting visitors with the life of British soldiers of the 19th century. From Kingston to the town of Brookville St. Lawrence River extends a well-known tourist region "Thousand Islands". It covers many small islands in the river, where during the colonization of North American territory by the French built forts. There is also a National Park Islands, St. Lawrence River. Airport Kingston Norman Rogers' name is located 8 miles west of Kingston. This is a small airport.

Tel: +1 (1)613 389-6404, Fax: +1 (1)613 384-4399

Airport Montreal (Montreal International Airport - Dorval)

Montreal - the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada. The old mansions and cobblestone streets of the old town, modern skyscrapers, well-maintained scenic parks, numerous architectural and historical sites - all Montreal, lying on a set of river islands in the southwestern part of the province of Quebec. Today Montreal - the largest port and industrial, financial and cultural center of the country. Since the majority of its residents French Canadians in Montreal is sometimes called the "North American Paris". Montreal - a huge international transport hub, air and sea gates of the country. International Airport. Pierre Elliott Trudeau in Montreal - Montreal is the only passenger airport, is located in a suburb of Dorval to 20 km from downtown Montreal. s Montreal-Trudeau fly planes in more than 100 points across five continents. According to Transport Canada, is the fourth value of the airport in the country after Toronto-Pearson, Calgary and Vancouver.

Tel: +1 (1)514 633-3221, Fax: +1 (1)514 394-7356

Airport Ottawa (Ottawa Intl Airport)

Ottawa - capital of the state in Canada, the fourth largest city in the country, belongs to the province of Ontario. The city was founded at the confluence of three rivers in Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau. Currently, Ottawa is a beautiful, well maintained city with numerous parks, museums and architectural structures that were built in the ancient and the ultra-modern styles. On a hill in the center stands the Parliamentary complex, designed in austere neo-Gothic style. In summer, Parliament Square every day is a solemn changing of the guard. Ottawa International Airport serves the name of Macdonald - Cartier, it is located 10 miles south of downtown Ottawa. In 2011, the results of surveys of passengers, the Ottawa airport ranked first in the world among airports serving between two and five million passengers a year.

Tel: (Switchboard) +1 (1)613 248-2000, Fax: (Main Office) +1 (1)613 248-2012

Airport St. John (Saint John Airport)

St. John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick in Canada. It is located in a picturesque location at the mouth of the River St. John, on the northern coast of the Bay of Fundy. In addition to the unique flora and fauna, in a significant number of works of art, among which highlights the Museum of New Brunswick. Here are a unique collection of applied art of the 19th century, biological and geological collections, the Great Hall of whales, as well as assembly of ceramics, paintings and furniture. St. John is an attractive place thanks to an exclusive opportunity to observe Reversin Falls twice a day. However, you can actively spend time on the beaches of 10 lakes that are concentrated in the largest municipal park, Rockwood. There is also a zoo, where visitors wait for the approximately 35 species of exotic and unique animals. Serves City International Airport St. John's, he was in St. John's Airport, VK Bird is located 8 km north-east g.Sent-Jones

Tel: +1 (1)506 638-5555, Fax: +1 (1)506 638-5550

Airport Windsor (Windsor Airport )

Windsor - a city in southern Canada, the province of Ontario. The city is situated on the banks of the Detroit River. On the other side of the river is the city of Detroit, USA. Windsor is connected to Detroit bridge and tunnel. The city is famous for several large parks and gardens along the river. Garden Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Garden is located in Jackson Park downtown. Among the attractions of Windsor - Caesars Windsor, living Downtown, Little Italy, the Art Gallery of Windsor, Odette Sculpture Park, and Ojibway Park. Windsor Airport is located in the south-east of the city of Windsor. Provides passenger and cargo aviaperevozi. Airport has Canada Border Services Agency.

Tel: +1 (1)519 969-2430, Fax: +1 (1)519 969-6053

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